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My Shiny New Web Site!

Well hello, Everyone! This is my very first blog post on my brand new web site! Some of you may already know, but by trade, I am a Web Designer. What most of you probably don't know is that my very first web site that I ever built was a "Brady Bunch" fan site back in the 90's! Ha! Don't judge. That show is a classic and one of my favorites. It got my foot in the door at a small company where I met some great people who I am proud to still be friends with all these years later. After a couple years there, I worked for an Economic Forecasting Company and was Senior Web Developer with them for about 15 years. I now freelance design and work from home, which I am incredibly blessed and thankful to be able to do. I get to set my own schedule, so I work a lot on web things in the evenings, and reserve my daylight for the gardens. Speaking of daylight, I can't believe we just had to set back the clocks already! Oh boy, too dark! This time of year always gets me feeling melancholy and down right BLAH! Do you guys get like that too? I try to keep my posts on Facebook and Instagram mostly quick and concise and garden related, but here I may go off the rails a bit and talk about a bunch of topics, but trying to keep centered on garden and home. Just wanted to kick things off with a fun "get to know me" kind of post. Happy Sunday!!

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