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Fall Cleanup

Hello there! Today, I finally got around to doing the inevitable, FALL CLEANUP (dun dun duuuuuun) It's a task, I do not enjoy. This year I don't mind as much though, because I'm getting it all prepped and ready for some beautiful Spring bulbs! Hooray! (insert "Tiptoe Through the Tulips here!) I have planted bulbs in previous years, only to have them decimated by squirrels. This year, I'm on watch. I will not let them steal what is mine, try as you may you little buggers. I shared a video on Facebook / Instagram about a month ago where one of these horrible creatures ran up on my porch and jumped on my arm. WHAT! How does this even happen?! I was not expecting that at all. I survived, just barely.

And how could I even mention it without sharing it again. Thank you, NEST camera. Ugh.

Keep an eye out tomorrow on YouTube and Facebook for my Fall cleanup. This will be Part 1, with Part 2 being, you guessed it, bulb planting. I'm truly excited for this one for a couple of reasons, reason one, which you guys will care about most - huge give away announcement! Reason two - I'm planting 500 bulbs guys. You read that right! People do it, I've seen it with my own peepers. I have not done it. Maybe a bag or two here and there, but nothing like this. Will I make it, will I be able to actually accomplish this task? We shall find out together! Wish me luck, and stick around!

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